AM eligible with AdsUplift?

We do not support ads/content related to Adult, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Hacking, Shocking, illegal, or Weapon.

Advertiser: Minimum spending of $500 is required. Publisher: Minimum 10K page views/day is required.

What you are offering unique than my current partner?


Publisher: We are only ad network working with 100% transparency, enabling gross statistics.

How long will it take to see revenue increment?


Publisher: It takes 30 days to obtain highest advertisers bidding but you will start seeing the increment on initial 10 days of trial.

Can I pre-approve ad creatives?


Publisher: We can block undesired ad URLS and categories on your domain but pre-approving each creative is only possible with direct campaigns

What are the payments terms & methods?


We support Transfer Wise, PayPal and Wire Transfer Publisher: We pay on net 30 days term.

Advertiser: Min. 50% prepayment for direct campaigns is required OR you can buy through our major DSPS.

I have direct reach to Google Adsense/AdX, Why AdsUplift?


Publisher: We are experts in control, using best advertising technologies to maximize publisher's revenue. You will have more time to focus on your website content while letting us leverage your ads revenue to fullest.

Which ad formats & platforms you serve?


We serve Banner and Video ads on Apps, Desktop & Mobile Web

How do I monitor stats?


You will get to dashboard with 100% transparency of reports.

Will I get technical assistance?


Our in-house experts are serving our partners (publisher advertiser for all

kind of technical assistance

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